Job Postings

Feature your job posting in our printed newspaper along with an online posting on Recruiting experts across the industry agree that job postings are the most effective on the internet. With a CareerBuilder job posting you will enjoy:

Greater Value

  • 30 days exposure to over 24 million qualified candidates
  • Coverage in up to 3 job categories and 3 industries
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  • Inclusion in job recommendation lists for job seekers

Flexible Use

  • Post your job opening now or anytime in the next 12 months
  • Unlimited changes to your job posting

Time Saving Tools

  • FREE candidate screening tools
  • FREE applicant scoring and ranking tools
  • FREE folders to organize your applicants

Quality Customer Support

  • FREE unlimited phone support
  • FREE help to improve your job posting


If you are interested in purchasing CareerBuilder Job Postings, or simply want more information, please contact one of our service professionals today.

Recruitment Tips

  • Be as detailed as possible to ensure proper key word search results and increase the quality of applicants.
  • Plan ahead and save money by purchasing a years' worth of postings.