Resume Database

CareerBuilder's Resume Database contains over 23 million resumes of top quality job seekers, and is a proactive and time saving approach to recruiting. With the database you will enjoy:

Unparalleled Quality

  • Managed to ensure you're only looking at current resumes
  • No required job seeker registration to ensure pertinent resumes

Time Saving Tools

  • Patented R2 technology to find your ideal candidates
  • Thought clouds to easily identify key words important to your search
  • Folders to organize and share resumes

Quality Customer Support

  • FREE Webinar training
  • FREE unlimited phone support
  • FREE help to improve your job posting


If you are interested in access to the CareerBuilder Resume Database, or simply want more information, please contact one of our service professionals today.

Recruitment Tips

  • Try before you buy with a personal guided tour of the Resume Database.